Welcome to Xyken, LLC (pronounced as "zai-ken" - Knowledge of XYZ or 3D). We are committed to customizing our leading 3D AI technologies to meet your specific needs.

Our company's key interests include: patient monitoring through tele-medicine, image guided disease detection, chronic condition management, as well as industrial process automation through 3D imaging and 3D based AI (Artificial Intelligence).  With the patented and patent pending technologies, we thrive to be the leader in 3D imaging and AI and aim to provide leap-frog 2D and 3D solutions (e.g. 3D mobile app, 3D cameras, and 3D scanners) for our customers. Our products can be cloud based, dynamic, and scalable for various applications covering different disciplines. Over the years of research and development efforts, our technical team successfully worked with numerous DOD laboratories and world renowned medical institutes such as Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, and Stanford Medical School. The collaboration experience has greatly facilitated the success of our products, especially in 3D imaging.

Medical Applications


Explore our medical products or GISentinel, mCure, and RxMove. These products target smart prevention and cure on chronic diseases specifically for elderly patients.  

Industrial Applications


Our SureScan 3D cameras are designed for 3D modeling, reverse engineering, online machine vision inspection, and robotic automation. 

R&D Activities


We constantly innovate in solutions through 3D imaging algorithms, specialized optics, and embedded DSP/FPGA hardware. 

Explore our 3D results at the

"I believe that Xyken has the great potential to innovate, develop, and deliver products..."

—J. Leighton, M.D.

 Chairman of Gastroenterology, Mayo Clinic