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Welcome to Xyken, LLC (pronounced as "zai-ken" - Knowledge of XYZ or 3D).  Leveraging our patented technologies in 3D and artificial intelligence, we provide custom and personalized solutions for our customers in the areas of custom-fit hearing aids, custom-fit ear shells or earshells, custom-fit orthotics and prosthetics,  and 3D personalized wound monitoring etc.

Check out our newly released and highly rated SureScan 3D Scanner app for your general scan need! We also just released our 3D body scanner or SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner for orthotics and prosthetics application. We have a long waiting list of customers in the field of orthotics and prosthetics for product customization. 

Visit our store at 
SnugFit Solutions for more product related information.

Our company's key interests include: low-cost and custom-fit hearing aids through over-the-counter (OTC) or online order, custom-fit earshells for airpods and non-iPhone earpieces, custom-fit foot orthotics design, patient monitoring through tele-medicine, and chronic condition management.  With the patented and patent pending technologies, we strive to be the leader in 3D imaging and AI and aim to provide 3D mobile app based solutions for our customers. Our custom products are cloud based, dynamic, and scalable for various applications covering different disciplines. Over the years of research and development efforts, our technical team successfully worked with numerous DOD laboratories and world renowned medical institutes such as Vanderbilt Medical School, Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medical School, and Stanford Medical School. The collaboration experience has greatly facilitated the success of our products, especially in 3D mobile imaging. Many of our R&D activities have been supported by the extremely competitive National Institutes of Health (NIH) SBIR programs.

What differentiates our products from others?

  • 3D Mobile app based solution - stay at home or anywhere to order or solve your needs

  • Custom-fit product - no matter it is for your earpieces, hearing aids, foot orthotics, or limb prosthetics, our solution just fits for YOU and only

  • 3D printed result, make it quick - Use our app, submit your order, and we will ship your product to you printed through our high end 3D printers. Very little waiting time

3D scanner image

SnugFit Products

Explore our mobile app based products or accessories.

SureScan Mirror turns FaceID camera into a full-colored iPhone 3D scanner or iPad 3D scanner.

O&P 3D Scannner app provides real-time 3D scan for orthotics and prosthetics application

SureScan 3D scannner app provides real-time 3D imaging on mobile phones.

Industrial 3D scanner provides tabletop, tripod based, and wide field-of-view (FOV) 3D scanners.

Snugbudz appOrder your custom-fit ear shells (earshells) for your airpods or other earpieces.

Look out for our upcoming custom-fit hearing aids app EarCam.

3D mobile app and foot orthotics

R&D Activities


We constantly innovate in solutions through mobile 3D imaging algorithms, specialized optics, and embedded DSP/FPGA hardware.  We are actively developing our EarCam system for low-cost and localized custom-fit hearing aids. 

We have patents/patent pending in mobile 3D imaging, mobile imaging optics, and custom-fit hearing aids through 3D and AI technologies: 

1. Method and system of discriminative recovery of three-dimensional digital data of a target of interest in a cluttered or controlled environment. Patent number 10931929

2. System and method for generating a full three-dimensional (3D) digital geometry for an ear. Patent number 11321912

3. 3D scanning optical apparatus for mobile devices. Patent pending 29/866,037

4. System and method for generating custom-fit hearing aid shells or earpieces directly from a 3D ear image.  Patent pending 17/976842

"I believe that Xyken has the great potential to innovate, develop, and deliver products..."

—J. Leighton, M.D.

 Chairman of Gastroenterology, Mayo Clinic

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