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SnugFit 3D Scanner for Orthotics & Prosthetics

Customized O&P 3D Scanner App Solution

SureScan 3D app captures 3D foot data for foot orthotics insoles
custom-fit foot orthotics through SureScan 3D scan mirror and SureScan 3D app

Funded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), by teaming up with several orthotics labs, we are developing solutions to vastly simplify the orthotics design and optimization process, lower the process cost, and improve the access to the low-cost foot care. The SnugFit system leaps beyond the traditional orthotics production process, as it allows clinicians to directly and conveniently acquire patients’ 3D foot structure from any needed postures (either weight bearing, non-bearing, or partial weight bearing), provides comprehensive details on patients’ foot biomechanics, and optimizes orthotics design. 

Background Information

Foot orthotics for diabetes, arthritis, and otherwise sensitive feet are designed primarily to alleviate pressure on the foot, absorb impact shock, and minimize any abrasive rubbing or irritation against the skin of the foot. The demand of foot orthotics has been surging in the recent era due to the rising rate of diabetes and obesity, as well as the prevalent conditions such as arthritis.

Foot orthotics have been used to treat medical conditions such as flat foot (~18 million in the U.S. per the Institute for Preventive Foot Health), plantar fasciitis, bursitis, tendinitis, and heel, knee, and lower back pain. The biomechanical device can assist in maintaining or restoring the normal alignment, and natural function of the foot. In fact, about 77% of people suffer from moderate to severe pronation. 95% have some degree of leg length inequality. Lower back pain is the number one cause of work related disability in the U.S.  These conditions could be treated with custom orthotics.

We customize SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner for many orthotics and prosthetics labs. The customized and free 3D scanner fully automate the best 3D data capture process (e.g., no manual noise removal needed), allows podiatrists to simply upload foot 3D scans and prescription with a single click.


For more information on how we can help to streamline your orthotics and prosthetics fabrication process, contact us at We have a long list of customers in need of the SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner app customization.

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