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SureScan 3D Scanner App 

General Purpose 3D Scanner

**Released lately(12/2022). The highly rated SureScan 3D scanner app for iOS allows users to use TrueDepth (FaceID) sensor to capture full-color and high quality 3D scans at ease. Compatible with iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 12 ,13, and 14 (including Pro and Max variants), and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd and 4th generation) etc. Export formats include stl, ply, and obj. SureScan 3D scanner app is designed to scan small to medium size objects.

Convert your iPhone or iPad into iPhone 3D scanner or iPad 3D scanner with SureScan mirror attachment, and obtain high quality 3D data. No need to purchase expensive 3D scanners.

SureScan 3D app download link


Real-time green shade overlay to guide start position and near real-time 3D mesh overlay to guide optimal distance scan. Move freely to capture colored 3D with TrueDepth sensor. No more losing track!

Developed through the support of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Contact us to customize the 3D scan app for your application need in foot orthotics, prosthetics, chronic wound monitoring, custom-fit hearing devices, 3D print, entertainment, and much more!


Your privacy is our priority. SureScan 3D app does not collect any information including cookies, your location, personal information, and 3D data.

See our policies: Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

SureScan 3D app automatic noise removal on 3D scan result


Turn on noise removal to automatically remove layered noise in 'Review' mode. 

Use 'Cleanup' in 'Edit' mode to remove outliers.


Clean up outliers, mirror and smooth on 3D data. Display with texture on/off or wireframe to see details. 

SureScan 3D app scan result of a truck. SureScan 3D App edit functions.
SureScan 3D app scan result of a truck. SureScan 3D scan App screenshot. 3D app allows users to share or delete 3D scan files


Locally stored 3D results with an option to delete or share files.  


  • Make 3D scan even easier by using our patent pending SureScan 3D scan mirror. You can now visualize live results while scanning. Available at (SureScan mirror is not required for SureScan 3D app).

  • SureScan 3D scanner app provides green shade for you to determine the optimal distance to start scan. Once a scan is started, it provides near real-time 3D overlay on the object. Maximum green shade overlay or 3D overlay is an indication of the best scan distance to the object.

  • Choose lower resolutions for larger objects.

  • Aim at and move around the object. Avoid direct sunlight.

We would love to answer your product related questions and customize the 3D app for your applications. Email us

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