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Industrial 3D Scanner

Blue-light    Fast Capture    high Accuracy

Tabletop 3D scanner

Turntable 3D Scanner

Turn-table 3D camera is mainly for small to medium sized objects. It operates under simple steps like "click and done." Learn More.

Blue-light tripod based 3D scanner

Blue-light Tripod Based 3D Scanner

Blue-light 3D scanner or camera is ideal for medium sized objects. It has adjustable field of view (FOV) to accommodate different object sizes and viewing distances. Object can be placed randomly in the FOV. Learn More.

Wide Field of View or wide FOV  3D scanner

Wide Angle 3D Scanner

Wide angle 3D camera model provides variable field of view (FOV) for objects of interest. Learn More

SureScan 3D scanner software
3D scanner specifications
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