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How Accurate is the SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner?

The SnugFit O&P app was extensively evaluated by Xyken through a scientific protocol for its accuracy. An independent third-party evaluator has also evaluated the SnugFit O&P app for its accuracy.

Evaluation Protocol:  A ground truth 3D of a target of interest, for example, a foot model was first obtained. An industrial 3D scanner with accuracy level up to 10 micron was used to scan the target for at least 10 times to ensure that the scan results were repeatable. Once the ground truth data was obtained, the SnugFit O&P 3D scanner was used to scan the same target of interest. Its scanning data was then compared with the ground truth. The mean error and variance were then computed. We then overlapped all the scans from the SnugFit O&P over the ground truth, and examined the volume variation along  3D slices.

Test Platform: iPhone 12 and iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen.

Test Material: a foot model and a torso model.

Test Results: 

Foot model: average error <0.4 mm, mean variance < 0.4 mm 

Torso model: average < 0.5 mm, mean variance < 0.7mm

Third-Party Test Results

Over 35 scans were obtained under various conditions including moving speed, directions, scan ranges, and lighting conditions.

Error color map on a foot model.

Mean and variance.


Xyken Test Results

Xyken's sample test results showing with error maps. Error was color coded.

Over 50 scans under different conditions by different users were obtained.

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