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State of the Art R&D

3D Software   Optics   Hardware

Xyken's success is based on our ability to provide new and compelling products, services, and experiences for our customers, initiate and embrace disruptive technology trends, and to drive quick adoption of our products. We conduct research and development efforts in technology trends and breakthroughs that we believe offer significant opportunities to deliver value to our customers and growth for the company. With the help of extremely competitive research grants from government agencies such as the National Institutes of Health or NIH (see our FCOI policy here), we maintain our commitment to constant innovation in 2D and 3D imaging systems including: 3D mobile imaging, intelligent 2D/3D software, specialized optics, and embedded DSP and FPGA hardware development.  Check out our current activities in foot orthotics, custom-fit OTC hearing aids, and remote chronic wound management.

Mobile 3D imaging

A broad spectrum of 3D imaging technologies including: 3D mobile app with cloud computing real-time 3D capture, mobile platform based real-time 3D reconstruction and modeling, 3D display, and 3D deformation, and 3D GPU implementation etc.

SureScan 3D scanning mirror - turn faceID or trudepth camera into a 3D scanner

A unique imaging product needs a unique optical design. One of our key competencies is the ability of designing, creating, and producing the most unconventional optical elements. We have designed optical elements as small as a pencil tip or as big as our SureScan Mirror for producing our low-cost yet high 3D scan quality SureScan 3D Scanner.

FPGA synchronization hardware for high speed 3D capturing

3D computing involves sophisticated system control and high speed computing. We have extensive experience in providing miniaturized DSP and FPGA hardware to meet the most power hungry computing needs. We designed many onboard computing circuits with sizes as small as half of a credit card.

We take pride in our ability of teaming up with the best institutes in the world to solve the most challenging medical problems and quality control issues facing manufacturing industries. The following prestigious institutions are just a few examples of whom our team members have worked with throughout their careers. Our continuing collaboration effort with many top-notch institutes is a great testimony on our design innovation, quality of work, and result satisfaction. 

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