About Us

Excellence in 3D mobile imaging system design 

XyKen, LLC was founded by a group of scientists and engineers with exceptional experience in 3D imaging, 2D imaging, specialized optics, miniature embedded DSP/FPGA hardware development. We strive to provide better 2D/3D image processing solutions for various healthcare needs including disease detection, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and remote patient management. With our patented 3D product line, we are expanding our imaging technologies for industrial applications such as 3D based machine vision inspection and automation (industry 4.0). Some of our founders come from the technical management and executive teams of Fortune 500 companies.

XyKen's highly accomplished staff deliver practical solutions and products to some of today’s most challenging diagnosis and treatment needs. With core expertise ranging from 2D/3D image processing, data visualization, and tele-medicine, XyKen’s innovative team solves complex problems every day. Explore our product line and R&D activities for more information. We are grateful for National Institute of Health (NIH) on their research grant support.

While we conduct extensive R&D research, we strongly believe in commercialization! To accomplish that goal, we have established strategic commercial partnerships with committed organizations that share our goals and vision for the marketplace. In addition, our R&D collaboration efforts with industry-leading partners in both the private and public sectors (healthcare and non-medical industries) also ensure us to produce the most reliable  products within a shortest time frame.


What Medical Problems Are We Solving?


Xyken's technologies mainly target the orthotics, hearing aids, and and remote chronic wound management through 3D imaging technologies. Our R&D activities include foot orthotics, custom-fit OTC hearing aids, and remote chronic wound management etc.


What Industrial Related Problems Are We Solving?


Xyken's core imaging technologies are cross-platformed and scalable. While our technologies were initially developed for medical purposes, we are able to extend our products for non-medical fields. Our 3D SureScan product line now offers real-time and highly accurate 3D imaging capability. 3D SureScan is being used for online inspection and robotic automation, custom-fit orthotics, and custom-fit prosthetics.