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Mobile Health Solution:


RxMove - Remotely Monitoring Patient's Rehabilitation Activities through Modifiable 3D Games

Stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted, resulting in a deficiency of oxygen that causes brain cells to die. This damage to the brain often results in impaired mobility, paralysis, and balance problem. For example, approximately 80% of acute stroke survivors lose arm and hand movement skills. In fact, stroke is the leading cause of long-term disabilities in the world. In the U.S.A., it affects estimated 7 million people.

RxMoveTM is designed to significantly improve the effectiveness of traditional rehabilitation process and reduce the treatment costs for stroke patients. RxMove integrates an array of wearable wireless sensors to monitor patient’s health information and 3D game playing activities. It tracks patients’ game activities in real time. It also provides session results to doctors for effective follow-on session planning and game modification.  The customizable rehabilitation game along with a rehabilitation performance feedback mechanism for follow-on session game modification provides a truly effective yet low-cost solution for patients to practice upper/lower body movement exercises at homes or in the clinics with minimal interventions, achieving the greatest benefits possible.  Imagine recovering your health by just playing fun games!

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