SureScan 3D App 
SureScan 3D app - Better 3D quality 

SureScan 3D app - Empowering iPhone 3D scanner or iPad 3D scanner

To be released to the App store in October 2022!

SureScan 3D app utilizes the FaceID or truedepth sensor data on iPhone or iPad for truly real-time 3D object mesh generation and modeling. Through NIH funded programs,  we developed a smartphone GPU empowered method for instantaneous 3D capture and 3D display.

Key features:

  • Capture in different resolutions.
  • Noisy data removal (no layered 3D data behind the surface).
  • Outlier removal (no island data).
  • Real-time 3D display during capture.


With the 3D data obtained through SureScan 3D app, you do not have to manually remove any unwanted noisy data or extra data behind the from mesh surface. SureScan 3D app provides the capability to remove them. You can save precious time and use the data directly to focus on your application.

SureScan 3D app - capture 3D through FaceID or trudepth sensor camera camera in real time on a mobile phone

Your privacy is protected - No personal information is collected through the app!

No data leaves your device unless you explicitly want to share your result on local Wi-Fi.

Privacy policy for SureScan 3D App

For the best result, SureScan 3D app is recommended to be used together with our patent pending SureScan Mirror as shown.Combining SureScan Mirror and SureScan 3D app, you have a perfect solution for an iPhone 3D scanner or an iPad 3D scanner.Contact: for evaluation.