SureScan 3D App 

Cleaner data, no more lost track, high accuracy, flexible scan options

To be released to the apple app store in November 2022!

SureScan 3D app utilizes the Truedepth sensor data on an iPhone or iPad for real-time 3D object mesh generation and modeling. Through NIH funded programs,  we developed  smartphone GPU based algorithms for instantaneous colored 3D capture and 3D display.


Key features:

  • Capture in  various resolutions
  • Noisy data removal (no layered 3D data behind the surface)
  • Outlier removal (no isolated "island")
  • Real-time 3D display while capturing

With the 3D data obtained through SureScan 3D app, you do not have to manually remove any unwanted noisy data or extra data behind the mesh surface. SureScan 3D app provides the tool to remove them. No more manual post data processing! You save precious time and focus on your application with the acquired data.

SureScan 3D app - capture 3D through FaceID or trudepth sensor camera camera in real time on a mobile phone

Your privacy is our priority. SureScan 3D app does not collect any information including cookies, your location, personal information, and 3D data - NONE.

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